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2022 Fall Yard Cleanups | Leaf Removal | Fall Core Aeration & Fertilizing

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What lawn maintenance should be done in the Fall 2022?

How often should you mulch or rake leaves?

From our experience, it's best to mulch or rake leaves with a 5 to 7 days of most of a lawn area being covered with leaves.  You can adjust this schedule based on wet weather conditions, heavier than normal leaf drops, and how many trees you have. Windy or rainy days will cause more leaves to fall. In this case, take quicker action to prevent heavy leaves from getting matted and smothering your grass. A thick layer of leaves can also block sun light, cause diseases to form in the lawn that can destroy the grass, and may be a habitat for unwanted pests. 

Should I aerate my lawn in the Fall? When should I overseed my lawn for the Fall

Living in southern states, like here in Georgia, to increase the likelihood of fuller, greener grass, you should aerate your lawn, apply overseed and fertilizer in October and November. You may even see grass seed sprout some in the Fall. Lawn areas with heavy foot traffic, thinning grass, puddles on your lawn and discolored areas will greatly benefit from Fall aeration and seeding.

How to prepare your lawn for a Fall Party or a Backyard Party?

Mow and mulch leaves off the lawn a few days before the party. This will give any left over grass clippings and mulched leaves time to settle into the thatch layer so they won't end up on guests clothing or tracked into the house. And avoid watering the grass two days before the party as well.

How can I make my backyard look nice on a budget 2022?

  • Build a DIY Deck or Patio

  • Water, Resistant Patio Furniture essentials (Sofa, Chairs, Dining Table) 

  • Umbrella or Canopy for shade

  • Outdoor string lights or Outdoor Lighting

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Do You Need Help Setting Up Your Outdoor Furniture or Installing Your DIY Deck? We can help!

  • Commercial & Residential Landscaping Services

Bush trimming,
Minor Tree Trimming

  • Fall Core Aeration, Seeding, Fertilizing (For A Thick, Green Lawn in 2023)

  • Mow, Edge, Blow 

  • Leaves Mulched & Removed 


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